Beachwood High students feed thousands, wins world record

Beachwood High Student feed thousands wins world record

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Students at Beachwood High School are working toward beating the world record for the longest line of sandwiches.

However after that record has been beaten, those sandwiches will go straight to those in need.

It was all organized by Beachwood High Junior, Lena Leland.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about helping other less fortunate than myself,” said Leland.

So she created the project, Herd against Hunger.

“I participated in a lot of drives and efforts over the years, but I wanted to do something big. I wanted to do something that would grab people’s attention,” recalled Leland.

And what better way to grab some attention than achieving a world record?

“This is 40,000 sun butter and jelly sandwiches. They’re good for you and the sandwiches are gonna be made, packaged up and distributed to 35 subsidized housing organizations, soup kitchens and food pantries in and around Cuyahoga County,” said Leland.

Stand: And although the initial idea belongs to Leland, she tells me that there's no way she could've done all of this on her own.

“When I first had the idea, I did the math to figure out how much it would cost and I figured that it would cost around $90,000. I considered dropping the idea right then and there,” said Leland.

But because multiple companies supported her vision, what was once just one idea became reality.

“Through the insanely generous donations from Sun Butter Welches, Orlando Baking company and AVI, here we are,” said Leland.

But that’s not all. So many people from her own community showed their support to ensure the event was a success.

“It makes my heart so happy to see so many people coming together, eager and excited to work for the greater good,” added Leland.

And she's hoping it rubs off on others so there can truly be a brighter tomorrow.

“People need to come together. That’s the only way that we can fight this problem. That’s the only way that we can do anything about it,” concluded Leland.

The group continued working towards beating that world record throughout Sunday.

According to Beachwood councilman Alec Issacson, their goals were achieved:

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