Nearly 27 million robocalls placed in 216 area code in just a month

Nearly 27 million robocalls placed in 216 area code in just a month

CLEVELAND,OH (WOIO) -In one month, nearly 27 million robocalls were placed in just the 216 area code.

Rampant robocalls pushing Northeast Ohioans to breaking point

Clevelanders and people across Ohio have had enough.

Cleveland 19 looked at data released by

It was based off the 10 million users currently using an app called YouMail.

The data is from September only. In the 216 area code, 891,000 calls were placed per day, averaging nearly 25 calls per person.

In area code 330, there were 780,000 per day averaging more than 11 calls per person. In area code 440, there were 427,000 calls per day, averaging nine per person.

Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail, which blocks robo calls says the Midwest area doesn’t have as big of a robocall annoyance as areas from Washington, D.C down to Atlanta and to Houston.

“Everybody needs to have a robocall app block on their cell phone. You wouldn’t have your computer running without an anti-virus. It’s automated, trying to download as many robocalls as it can. Nothing is perfect.

A couple may get through and if they do you can hit a spam button,” said Quilici.

Quilici says the numbers also include landline users.

He says those robocalls are more difficult to block. His advice is to simply screen those calls.

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