Lengthy power outages plaguing Northeast Ohioans after whirlwind storm

Lengthy power outages plaguing Northeast Ohioans after whirlwind storm

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many are still without power after a violent storm ripped through Northeast Ohio Saturday night.

Severe weather wallops Northeast Ohio, leaving trail of damage behind

Luckily, there were no reports of injuries, but the cleanup could end up being costly for some.

Dan Reed, of Blossom Boulevard in North Olmsted, will need an electrician to hook up power lines that were torn right off his house by a falling tree.

“This one came out of nowhere. It just literally came out of nowhere,” said Reed. “It was a big blow of wind. It was sunny one minute, and five minutes later - not even that - four minutes later this thing came through, and it bent these trees. It literally bent them. We watched the trees just bend right over.”

The tree landed in his neighbor’s backyard taking out a small children’s pool.

“We hid a little bit,” said Mariam Mustafa, Reed’s neighbor, who now has the tree in her backyard, “We were shocked and scared.”

Blossom Boulevard was one of the hardest hit in North Olmsted after an intense storm ravaged parts of Northeast Ohio.

Anthony Gray of Fairway Tree Services in North Ridgeville expects to be busy for at least the rest of the week.

“I couldn’t even answer my phone fast enough. Everybody called at the same time,” said Gray.

As of Sunday evening, nearly 7,000 FirstEnergy customers are still without power.

Reed expects to be without power for a few more days.

“We have no heat. I have a generator running. So, I can have a cup of coffee. That’s a good thing,” added Reed.

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