Ohio college students extremely cautious after CWRU shooting near campus

Ohio college students extremely cautious after CWRU shooting near campus
University of Akron (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Since the recent shooting near Case Western Reserve University, students all around the Buckeye State have been extremely cautious.

College Students Extremely Cautious After Campus Shooting

“It’s a lot of shootings nowadays and it’s getting worse and worse,” said University of Akron student, Anthony Claytor.

Claytor says it’s a rough time to be a college kid in America.

“Like the shooting at Case... it’s really getting worse the higher up we go," he said. The shooting actually happened just off campus on Murray Hill Road near South Residential Village Saturday evening.

At the University of Akron, things are intact for the most part.

We pulled the University of Akron’s daily police logs and found nearly 70 incidents taking place on the campus within the last two months - most of them for theft, burglary or criminal trespassing.

Although these crime reports don’t show any major incidents happening here on the campus of the University of Akron, some students believe the administration here could be a little more proactive in keeping everyone safe.

“Walking on campus, I don’t feel as safe as I feel I should be,” said Meileng Geniec.

Geniec said because the University of Akron is a public facility, she’s seen her fair share of discomfort.

“Anybody’s allowed on campus. Anybody can walk around and sometimes you feel suspicious of some people,” says Geniec.

She even shared with us a frightening experience one of her classmates went through.

“Just recently one of our people was getting chased by somebody. Just a random person saying that he wouldn’t let this person go. She was getting chased and it was actually very scary for her,” recalls Geniec.

She believes campus police should be more involved. Especially during a time like this.

“Everybody on campus deserves to be secure. And since it’s an open school and everybody’s allowed in, I think they need checking or guards or something like that,” concluded Geniec.

Students can always contact University of Akron Police at 330-972-2911.

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