Toledo man attacked at Cleveland Browns game has been released from the hospital

Cleveland police are still looking for the suspect.

Browns fan attacked after game

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A good Samaritan, who was brutally attacked Sunday when he was just trying to keep the peace, has now been released from MetroHealth Hospital.

Josh Hillabrand, 28, was leaving FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday when he spotted a man throwing construction cones at people.

Josh’s father said his son asked the man to stop and kept walking. Then, someone ran up him from behind Hillabrand, knocking Josh unconscious. When he fell his head slammed on the concrete.

Hillabrand spent several days in the hospital, recovering from bleeding on his brain.

Just the thought of that concerns folks near the stadium.

Travis King was saddened to learn about the attack, which occurred in broad daylight with thousands of people around, who were also leaving the stadium. “People come out here to enjoy the game and expect to come home nice and safe, and for something ignorant to happen like that, It’s just uncalled for.”

“That’s very inhumane. A lot of us have lost our kindness and civility and it’s a sad statement of where the world is today,” said Tasha Efborfky, a nurse visiting from St. Louis.

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