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Guilty: Man sentenced to life in prison after pleading to real estate agent's murder

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RAVENNA, OH (WOIO) - Robert Grigelaitis has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The 59-year-old pleaded guilty in court to killing a Portage County real estate agent in September.

"I now spend my days wandering around with an overwhelming confusion, trying to sort out just what happened," said Laura Vonstein.

Investigators say Grigelaitis had been plotting and festering for years after a real estate deal went bad.

"Mr. Grigelaitis harbored a deep seeded obsession blaming Andrew Vonstein for the loss of the real estate," said Vic Viglucci, Portage Co. Prosecutor.

Grigelaitis shot 51-year-old VonStein in a vacant house that was listed for sale in Kent.

According to prosecutors, there was a second intended victim as well, Richard Doak, but due to a phone number mix-up Doak never showed up the day of the murder.

"The mother-in-law got two digits mixed up on the telephone number and he didn't receive the call. Had he received the call we'd probably be investigating a double homicide," Portage County Sheriff David Doak said.

Back in 2003, Doak owned a home that was sold to Grigelaitis and Vonstein was the real estate agent.

Grigelaitis somehow lost money in this deal and prosecutors say he was obsessed with getting revenge on Vonstein and Doak.

A letter sent to Grigelaitis' wife while he was on the run detailed his plot and his desperation.

After the murder, Grigelaitis fled, but was eventually captured in North Carolina and returned to Ohio.

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