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Illegal: Lake County authorities searching for some illegally killing deer


Deer are turning up dead in the Mentor Headlands area, and it's not hunting season.

Jason Keller from the Ohio Division of Wildlife located the 10th deer to be found dead since the beginning of the year.

Some of the deer were shot, others were killed with a crossbow and it's happening in residential neighborhoods putting residents on edge and in fear of their safety.

Whoever is killing them, which authorities believe has been happening during the night, just leave the carcasses behind.

Deer in the area aren't shy.  While 19 Action News crews were out there, deer were walking around unaffected by passing motorists in broad daylight.

If you have any information, contact Jason Keller via his voice mail at 330-245-3034, through the agency's Northeast Ohio office at 330-644-2293 or by calling 800-POACHER.

This last telephone number is a tip line that pays informers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a fish or game law violator.

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