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Exclusive: Gruesome animal abuse like you've never seen before

It's is another 19 Action News Exclusive.

Gruesome animal abuse like you have never seen before and no one in the nation has seen this hidden camera video until now.

WARNING: This is graphic video and it's very disturbing, this is almost impossible to watch.

Investigator Scott Taylor has this exclusive investigation containing hidden camera video obtained exclusively from Mercy for Animals.

Abuse, torture, pain and incredible suffering. In one instance a calves are hit over head with pick ax and clawed hammers.

It's all going down on the E6 Cattle Ranch in Hart, TX. A multi-million dollar money making machine just an hour away from Lubbock.

 There are 15,000 dairy cow there along with more than 5,000 calves. This is were some of the milk you drink in the midwest is created.

Workers are documented sadistically abusing these animals. Dragging them by their ears and stomping on their heads. This is absolutely unacceptable and it must end immediately.

In an exclusive interview Mercy for Animals tells Scott Taylor they want state and federal lawmakers to step up and stop this abuse all over the nation.

"there is a lot of money in the agriculture business and unfortunately it has been swaying legislators far to long. They need to listen to the people who say farm animals need protection and enact stricter laws," said Nathan Runkle, Mercy for Animals.

The hidden camera video is now with a District Attorney in Texas. The Sheriff's Office in Texas released the following statement Wednesday:

"The Castro County Sheriffs Office confirms it has initiated a criminal investigation on animal cruelty at the E-6 Cattle Company located at 1750 CR 628 Hart Texas.

The Sheriffs Office started the investigation on receipt of video footage and a report submitted by Mercy for Animals, based out of Chicago Illinois, which was submitted to the Castro County District/County Attorneys Office. The Castro County District/County Attorney's Office referred the investigation to The Sheriffs Office.

The investigation is currently ongoing and upon completion a case report will be forwarded to the Castro County District/County Attorney's Office for consideration for prosecution. "

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