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Carl Monday has been exposing political corruption, consumer fraud and government waste in Cleveland longer than anyone, now in his fourth decade as the "Dean of Cleveland Investigative Reporters."

Monday is the recipient of more than 150 awards, including the National Headliner Award for Investigative Reporting, several regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, and 46 EMMYS, including a dozen for "Best Investigative Reporting."

His stories have appeared on national news programs and magazine shows.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Monday was heard on Cleveland radio while still in high school. Over the next decade, his aggressive muckraking style was on display at the number one rated all-news and news talk W.E.R.E. "People Power Radio."

In 1979, and for the next 22 years, Monday continued to set the standard for local investigative reporting as the "I-Team Reporter" on WJW-TV.

In 2001, Monday moved to WKYC-TV, where he was known as "Cleveland's Investigative Reporter." His work there won him recognition as "Best Investigative Reporter" and "Best Franchise" in the Gannett chain.

In 2007, Monday joined WOIO-TV, where he remains today as the station's Chief Investigative Reporter.

Through the years, Monday has exposed corruption in city building, police and fire departments. He uncovered illegal dumping of toxic waste at Hopkins Airport, resulting in the indictment and conviction of the airport director.

Five hunger center directors were indicted after Monday's reports showed hunger funds were used to buy new cars and fund a family member's college education.

Two E-Check employees were sent to prison after Monday's undercover cameras caught them taking bribes to pass vehicles that should have failed. And a city inspector did prison time after he accepted a bribe while Monday's undercover cameras were rolling.

Monday caught vendors at the East Side Market selling dated food, including meat more than a year old. His undercover investigation led to passage of Cleveland's dated food law that remains in effect to this day.

And Monday is considered to be one of the first reporters to report on vehicle sudden acceleration. His reporting on the subject was the basis of a later report on 60 Minutes.

Monday is a member of several Halls of Fame, including the Press Club Hall of Fame and the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Monday is a graduate of Kent State University. While working for the University's Communications Office, he served as a correspondent for hundreds of stations across the country in the wake of the campus shootings in May, 1970.

For the past seventeen years, Monday and his wife Sandy have lived in downtown Cleveland. They have a daughter now living in Michigan.

Monday is active in several organizations, including the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and the Downtown Historic Warehouse District.

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