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Bad Gas: Unsuspecting Motorists Fill 'Er Up With Diesel

Imagine going to fill up your tank thinking you were getting unleaded fuel but instead you were pumping diesel into your car!

It happened to some people and it can cause lots of problems to your car!

Giant Eagle released the following statment:

The GetGo locations at 117 and I90 and Twinsburg received deliveries of fuel from its supplier on Friday evening and early Saturday morning, February 20-21 that inadvertently mixed diesel fuel with unleaded gasoline. This mistake affected slightly more than 100 customers who dispensed unleaded fuel after those deliveries were made. Customers who experienced fuel systems irregularities in their vehicles contacted the customer claims department at Giant Eagle and the company is processing those claims and vehicle repairs. Giant Eagle and GetGo apologize for this inconvenience.

GetGo from Giant Eagle implements multiple checks and balances to ensure our customers receive clean, high-quality fuels. In place at each GetGo location is a sophisticated fuel monitoring system that alerts store level personnel immediately if fuel quality is not at satisfactory levels. In addition, we have a detailed quality assurance program that includes tests performed by fuel load technicians with every fuel delivery to the site. The details of the cause of this incident are still being investigated.

For people who got bad gas at the local Get Go gas stations, you should call 1-800-553-2324

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