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  • What is it?

    What is it?

    Asthma is a chronic lung disease that involves obstruction of the lung’s main airways. Severe asthma that goes untreated over years can permanently damage the airways. Untreated or undertreated asthma increases the risk for potentially serious or even life-threatening asthma flares that may require emergency department management or hospitalization. More >>
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  • Causes?


    Causes? During an asthma flare, the inner walls of the airways become inflamed, the muscles that surround the airways tighten (making the airways narrow), and the airways fill with abnormal amounts More >>
  • Diagnosis


    Diagnosis To diagnose asthma, your physician will fist review your medical history, family history and symptoms. It is important that you describe your symptoms in detail including when and how oftenMore >>
  • Treatments


    Treatments How is asthma treated? Asthma can be controlled, but not cured. Properly using medications, as prescribed by your doctor, is the basis of good asthma control. Avoiding triggers and monitoringMore >>
  • Living with Asthma

    Living with Asthma

    Living with Asthma Education. Cleveland Clinic asthma experts will educate patients about the treatment choices, tailor treatment plans to their needs and lifestyles, and collaborate with patients andMore >>
  • Children and Asthma

    Children and Asthma

    Children and Asthma How can I tell if my child has asthma? Your child’s doctor should evaluate any illness that complicates your child’s breathing. Your child may have asthma if he or she is experiencing: FrequentMore >>
  • Prevention


    Prevention Monitoring symptoms: An important part of treatment is keeping track of how well the lungs are functioning. Asthma symptoms can be monitored at home using a peak flow meter. The meter More >>
  • FAQs


    Q: What breathing exercises can help me during an asthma attack? A: Pursed-lip breathing involves closing the lips tightly and blowing air out past them the way you would when blowing out a candle.More >>
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