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  • Strides for Change

    Strides for Change

    Drunk Driving and its consequences can be prevented. In the first 6 months of 2006 there were 77 alcohol related fatalties in Northeast Ohio alone. Let's not wait for the next horrific headline. ForMore >>
  • MADD - Make a Difference

    MADD - Make a Difference

    Drunk driving and its consequences can be prevented. Tackling it requires the involvement of every concerned citizen. You can take action to make your community a healthier and safer place. Join a growingMore >>
  • Alliance for Consumer Education(ACE)

    Alliance for Consumer Education(ACE)

    Inhalant Abuse is a serious problem for our nation's youth and we believe that education and awareness are the key tools for combating this problem. The site is dedicated to arming parents with the necessary knowledge to keep their children from falling victim to inhalant abuse. The site includes information on what inhalant abuse is, dangers and warning signs that your child may be using inhalants, tips for talking to your kids, and links to additional information. More >>
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