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National Issues

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  • Gay Marriage Issue

    Gay Marriage Issue

    Those who advocate that marriage should be defined exclusively as the union of one man and one woman argue that heterosexual unions provide the procreative foundation of the family unit that is the chief social building block of civilization. More >>
  • Global Warming Issue

    Global Warming Issue

    Global warming controversy is a debate about the causes of the increase in global average air temperature since the mid-1800's. The prediction of additional warming, and the consequences of that warming. An additional issue is whether the modern warming period is unprecedented or within normal climatic variations. More >>
  • Immigration Issue

    Immigration Issue

    Although freedom of movement is often recognised as a civil right, the freedom only applies to movement within national borders: it may be guaranteed by the constitution or by human rights legislation. More >>
  • War In Iraq Issue

    War In Iraq Issue

    A growing number of citizens in coalition nations have urged their governments to withdraw from Iraq. More >>
  • Stem Cell Research Issue

    Stem Cell Research Issue

    Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide. These developments forced the federal government to create regulations barring the use of federal funds for research that experimented on human embryos. More >>
  • Health Care Issue

    Health Care Issue

    As evidenced by the large variety of different health care systems seen across the world, there are several different pathways that a country could take when thinking about reform. More >>
  • Abortion Issue

    Abortion Issue

    A number of opinion polls around the world have explored public opinion regarding the issue of abortion. Results have varied from poll to poll, country to country, and region to region, while varying with regard to different aspects of the issue.More >>
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