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Sick Puppies Investigation - Buyer Links and Forums

Boston Heights, OH - You may or may not have seen the latest Tom Meyer investigative piece about sick puppies being sold by one particular distributor, Mr. Somboli, in Boston Heights. 19 Action News has a list of links that will show you the places to purchase your next family pet, just in time for the holidays.

If you have not seen the special, Click the clip above to view it, you will be amazed at what Tom Meyers has discovered.

19 Action News has recieved several emails and phone calls in regards to their animals getting sick after coming home from this one location. We have also recieved emails saying that their puppies are healthy and happy.

19 Action News wants to hear about your little puppy if you purchased the animal from the above mentioned location. Tell us if he or she is healthy or sick, and any other problems that came with the pup.

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