Woman admits that she gave birth to baby found in dumpster

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio – Investigators were able to answer many questions in what had been a mystery regarding an infant found in a dumpster behind a Lube Stop in North Olmsted, Action News reported.

The dead infant's body was discovered early Monday evening by a cleaning woman.

Just when investigators finished combing the dumpster for clues, a 25-year-old North Olmsted woman admitted that she was the mother. Her admission solved the identity questions.

Also, a coroner's examination of the baby showed that it was full-term but had been stillborn, solving the question of how it died.

The only question remaining is why the mother dumped it.

"There was an issue with health insurance," a North Olmsted Police official said. "That was the biggest problem. Health insurance was one of her concerns."

The fact that the baby was stillborn removes any possible homicide charges against the woman. However, abuse of a corpse or other charges are possible.

The women told police that she had the baby on Friday and used the cover of night to get to the dumpster undetected.

She said that television reports of the find caused her great remorse and that's why she went to police.