Female student attacked in CSU parking lot

CLEVELAND – A Cleveland State University parking lot was the scene of another attack on the city's near east side, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

The incident happened in Parking Lot A on the corner of East 24th Street and Euclid Avenue about two hours after the sun went down on Monday night.

The female student was apparently attacked for her purse.

A spokesman for CSU said that the student was walking to her car when a man jumped from behind some bushes and tried to grab her purse. She started to run, but he took out a knife and cut the purse strap, taking off with the purse in hand.

Helped by the accounts of three witnesses, police centered their search for the suspect near Parking Lot A. A short time later, they made an arrest.

Darryl Fortson was placed in police custody.

Officers also found the purse near Prospect Avenue.

The incident on Monday isn't the first attack at a campus parking lot this year. A month and a half ago, an 18-year-old freshman was abducted from Parking Lot Z -- about six blocks away on East 21st Street and Carnegie Avenue.

The man forced the student into her car, drove her throughout the city and then finally let her go.

A couple of weeks later, police arrested Michael Ridgeway.

In both cases, police quickly made arrests, but even so, students are a little nervous.

"People being attacked definitely concerns me because I'm a female and I get out of class at night," concerned student Libby Feeney said. "I walk to my car when it's dark."

"I don't think Cleveland State has near the security it should, especially for an urban campus," student Bridget Isabella said. "I've probably seen one security guard in the four years I've been here."

After the first attack, CSU hired more police officers and increased patrols of all campus parking lots. A university spokesman said that there might be further evaluation of security because of this second attack.