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Protestors say off-duty police officer used too much force

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    Audiotapes of 911 calls made by the wife of a Cleveland police officer are being analyzed as part of an internal investigation into whether that officer used appropriate force against an intruder who he caught in his backyard last month. The officer says that shooting the intruder 12 times was purely a self-defense tactic.More >>
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    An off-duty policeman in Cleveland shot and killed a man who was in his backyard early Friday morning. More >>

CLEVELAND – Local protestors are upset with an off-duty Cleveland police officer that they say used excessive force against a backyard intruder this past summer, Action News reported.

It all began back in June with a 911 call placed by the wife of police officer James Toomey. She was calling for backup after her husband found 20-year-old Joey Finley in the couple's backyard.

"My husband's an off-duty Cleveland police officer, and there's an intruder in our backyard," she told the operator.

Toomey fired 14 shots at Finley, 12 of which hit the suspected intruder in the back, chest, stomach and legs.

The officer said that Finley hit him with a metal pole. Regardless, Finley's family and friends are saying that Toomey went too far.

"He was a Native American young man who was basically murdered by an off-duty police officer," family friend Phillip Yenyo said.

Finley's family said they believe that he got into trouble and was possibly being chased on the night of the fatal shooting. They said they think that Finley knew Toomey was a police officer and that might have been why he picked the officer's yard to hide in.

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