Editorial: Send In the Marines

U.S. Navy sharpshooters proved last Sunday that they could get the job done by picking off a trio of Somali pirates who were holding Captain Richard Phillips hostage in a lifeboat bobbing in the Indian Ocean. Now comes the hard part, how to rid the waters, off the horn of Africa, of the legions of pirates who are terrorizing international shipping.

Dozens of ships are currently being held by the pirates who are making millions in ransom money from ship owners who would rather pay than arm their ships to repel the 21st Century brigands. Now it's up to civilized nations to keep the sea routes open and naturally all of them including the U.S. seem in a dither as to what should be done.

U.S. Officials said it's considering giving economic aid to the destitute Somali's - apparently in an attempt to bribe the pirate gangs into staying ashore. That kind of bailout might work for AIG but it won't work for the Somali pirates nor will another plan that calls for encouraging the Somali government to clamp down on its gun-wielding pirates. The latter is a real joke because there isn't a Somali government - hasn't been one in twenty years. The place is a lawless wild east. What the international community needs to do, but will likely not do, is what Thomas Jefferson did two hundred years ago with the barbary pirates.   He mapped out the Pirates strongholds and sent in the Marines.