Michael Jackson plays cat-and-mouse with fans, media

BERLIN (AP) - Michael Jackson's devoted fans aren't happy with the media.

They're blaming the press for creating a furor after the pop star dangled his infant son over a fourth-floor balcony (pictured, right) earlier this week at a German hotel.

Members of the international Jackson fan club are keeping vigil outside the hotel. And last night they waved a sign reading "Burn All the Tabloids."

That got Jackson's attention.

He sent an aide down to retrieve the poster and then displayed it from the window where he had appeared with his son.

London and New York tabloids have been particularly blistering -- labeling Jackson a "Wacko" and a "Mad Bad Dad" -- and even demanding his arrest for reckless endangerment.

Prosecutors in Berlin say Jackson hasn't committed a crime and they're not investigating.

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