Editorial: Tea Party Protests

Cleveland, OH - Raising hell about high taxes is about as American as apple pie and there certainly wasn't anything treasonous about the April 15th "Tea Party" demonstrations that were held in cities across the nation including here in Cleveland. But to certain members of the Obama administration, these tax protests - conducted by tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens - were somehow sinister acts by possibly dangerous people.

On last Sunday's face the nation, a Senior Advisor to the President, David Axelrod, said the protests could mutate into something unhealthy. In other words, something, like what?  Domestic unrest -or riots? Axelrod's comments are unsettling coming at a time when the department of homeland security has issued a report warning of a potential rise in militia activity in the United States. Is Axelrod implying that anyone who doesn't agree with President Obama's proposed tax increases and huge spending budget is a potentially dangerous extremist?

The President needs to disavow these kinds of comments by Axelrod and others - comments which are designed to appeal to the radical left of the Democratic party but which tarnish the reputations of honest and patriotic Americans whose only crime is to complain about high taxes.