Thursday Morning Headlines

Cleveland, OH - Time to rise and shine, Cleveland!

It's Thursday and Meteorologist Jon Loufman's Ford First Alert Forecast is promising sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!

In addition to the sunny outlook, here are just a few of the stories we are working on this morning!

GM's announcement to close some plants up to nine weeks this summer. Meanwhile, representatives for U.S. car dealers will sit down today with the government's auto task force.

Here's a talker - 17-year-olds can soon get the morning after pill over the counter.

Plus, we want your Action Reaction! Sound off on a new lawsuit regarding traffic cameras in Cleveland.  It says people in leased or rental cars should not have had to pay fines because the law isn't written that way. Sound off HERE!

19 Action News wants you to get Cavs Crazy, Cleveland!

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