Reports say aide to Canadian premier called Bush a 'moron'

TORONTO (AP) - It's the talk of Canada.

Newspapers and broadcast reports are leading with a story of how an aide to Prime Minister Jean Chretien reportedly called President Bush a "moron."

Chretien's communications director, Francoise Ducros, is quoted as saying "what a moron" about Bush as she was talking to a reporter at this week's NATO summit.

Other reporters who said they overheard the comment wrote about it on Friday.

Opposition members of Parliament have been calling for her resignation.

Chretien says the aide offered it -- but he refused to accept.

The prime minister says the aide told him she wasn't sure if she made the remark -- but did acknowledge that she uses the word "moron" frequently.

Chretien says he hasn't received any official complaints from the U.S.

When first asked about the reported comment on Thursday, Chretien said Bush was "not a moron at all, he's a friend."

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