Police looking for man who stalked young girls

AKRON, Ohio – Authorities in Summit County are looking for a man wanted for stalking and attempting to abduct three young girls, Action News reported.

Parents in the Akron neighborhood where the incident took place are nervous and fearful after hearing that a man approached three pre-teen girls who were on their way to the local library.

"He'd get right up beside them and say, 'Get inside the car.'" The great aunt of one of the victim's, Ruth Ewais, said. "They told him, 'No, we're not going to get in the car.'"

Ewais said that she spent the afternoon on the Internet, checking the sheriff's sex offender Web page. She found three sex offenders living not far from her home.

"It's really frightening," Ewais said. "It scares me to death. I'm even scared for the kids to walk to school."

Eva Gibson lives next door and fears for her young grandson.

"That's all I told him. I said just don't go to no cars or no stranger's cars if they call you," Gibson said.

Turning fear up a notch is the suspicion that the man had been thrown out of the library earlier in the day for viewing child pornography. Police will search the library's computers, but it's said to be a long shot.

"It takes somebody that knows what they're doing," Akron Public Library spokeswoman Carla Davis said. "We can't go in and find a name right now."

While no one is 100 percent certain that the man looking at the child pornography in the library and the stalker are the same man, one thing is sure: There is a stalker out there. Parents should beware.

The stalker is described as a white man in his 30s with a moustache who is approximately 6'2" tall and 150 pounds. He is said to be driving a newer green car.