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Bad Bonuses: Who Is Cashing In While Others Are Handed Walking Papers?

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -  Cuyahoga County is in the middle of an FBI corruption probe and it has huge budget issues.  We've seen the FBI raiding offices and homes of county leaders.  It couldn't get any worse?  Not true. 

19 Action News has learned while the county is in budget crisis mode and commissioners are asking 850 employees to take a buyout, 43 other employees inside the County's Information Services Center are sharing more than 60-thousand dollars in holiday bonuses.

"I just thought these employees deserved it for the work they did in the past year," said Dan Weaver, Director of Information Services Center.

The bonuses range from five hundred to three thousand dollars and not everybody in the department got one. They were merit bonuses.

Earlier this year we reported about the 78-thousand dollars handed out on Christmas Eve over at the Public Defenders Office.

Director Bob Tobik at the Public Defender's Office handed out his holiday bonuses to 36 of his employees. Weaver gave his out on December 6th and says projects completed last year by his staff will eventually save tax payers millions of dollars.

So far 354 workers have taken the county's buyout while 79 other county employees were cashing more than 138-thousand dollars of your tax money over the holidays. "I know with everything going on. The crisis and the FBI investigation. Everybody is looking at us but there are some very smart and hard working people that deserve the money," said Weaver. 

Bob Tobik gave himself a three-thousand dollar bonus. Dan Weaver didn't give himself a dime.

For a List of everybody's holiday bonus click HERE.

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