Deported: Demjanjuk Taken From Seven Hills Home

SEVEN HILLS, OH (WOIO) -  An ambulance and Federal Agents arrived at the Seven Hills home of John Demjanjuk late Monday evening.

The 89-year-old was loaded into an ambulance in the family garage away from the glow of the international, national and local media's spotlight.

Demjanjuk was taken to the downtown Cleveland Federal Building in where he turned himself into authorities.

Before that, the 89-year-old spent the better portion of the day holed up inside his home receiving visitors.

At mid-morning, his daughter, Irene, arrived with her two children, one of which is a school-aged boy. Several moments later, another daughter, Lydia, arrived with her husband, Andrej, and walked quickly into the home.

Within minutes, a car carrying two priests from Demjanjuk's parish, St. Vladimir Cathedral in Parma, arrived.

Demjanjuk's son, John Junior, also arrived shortly before noon to see his sickly father.

In 1988, an Israeli court found him guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to death. The sentence was later overturned, and Demjanjuk settled in Seven Hills, OH.

German officials say they've found new evidence that Demjanjuk ran the diesel engines at a concentration camp that sent gas to the death chambers resulting in the deaths of 29,000 people.

"Millions have sought refuge from persecution in this country under liberty's mantle. We will not suffer persecutors and mass murderers tarnishing her image by staking such a claim for themselves," said John P. Torres, ICE Acting Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.  "The U.S. government is dedicated to preventing the cynical exploitation of our nation's immigration system by the worst of the worst. With John Demjanjuk's removal, we reaffirm our commitment to protection of the oppressed, not the oppressor."

Demjanjuk sought to block his deportation to Germany for humanitarian reasons. He says his health is deteriorating and claims being sent to Germany now would be inappropriate and degrading.

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