Action News investigation prompts City Hall to make changes

CLEVELAND – There has been a shakeup at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and new policies are in the works at City Hall, and it's all because of an Action News hidden-camera investigation conducted for a report by Tom Meyer, The Investigator.

As a direct result of the investigation, City Hall took action against two high-ranking airport officials. Also, the hidden-camera investigation prompted City Hall to rewrite policies on the use of city property that citizens pay for.

Mayor Jane Campbell blew a fuse when she saw Action News' hidden-camera video of her two deputy airport commissioners on the golf course.

Action News caught both airport honchos using their city cars for personal pleasure, including playing golf and drinking beer.

"We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention," city law director Subodh Chandra told The Investigator. "This was a very important thing that you did."

Both deputy commissioners -- Dennis Savas and Ron Orvis -- violated city policy by driving their city vehicles to a Medina County golf course. The city is now tearing up the current policy on the use of city vehicles and rewriting a new, tougher one that they promise to aggressively enforce.

"This administration will not tolerate any misuse of city-owned property," Chandra said. "We will not tolerate any shenanigans with alcohol or drugs."

Savas was only given a written reprimand based on his otherwise clean record. City Hall came down hard on Orvis, however.

That's because it wasn't the first time that Orvis had screwed up. He was busted for drunken driving a few months before the golf course incident and put on notice that city vehicles were for city business only.

After seeing the Action News investigation, the city demoted Orvis, cut his pay by $10,000, took away his city car, suspended him for 15 days without pay and ordered him to undergo random drug testing.

Orvis admitted wrongdoing when The Investigator confronted him for the previous report.

"I made some mistakes, and hopefully, I will make no more mistakes," he said.

The former commissioner's troubles are far from over, however. The judge in his drunken driving case is aware of the Action News investigation and has set a hearing for late December. The judge could decide to revoke Orvis' probation and throw him in jail.