Expertise You Can Trust, Care You Deserve

Your IVF team is led by our founder and medical director, Dr. Richard W. Moretuzzo. Dr. Moretuzzo has spent more than 20 years at the forefront of in vitro fertilization, as a clinician, researcher, educator and leader. He works closely with Drs. David M. Nash and Stephen B. Mooney to provide you with the finest subspecialized care with IVF. The Reproductive Gynecology team also includes caring, highly experienced infertility nurses and embryologists. The team collaborates through all phases of IVF, assessing your progress, responding to any specific concerns that arise and making sure your treatment is going according to plan.
In addition to the considerable expertise of our team, we believe you'll appreciate the focused, highly personalized care we offer. You and your partner will receive an in-depth education, guidance in your decision-making process and complete support throughout your care. We work with a licensed psychologist to assist you and offer 24-hour access during your treatment cycles. And through it all, we remain sensitive and responsive to your every need. This focus on your well-being can make IVF a perfect choice for you.