Couple Con: Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Indicted For Railroading RTA

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A husband and wife indicted by the FBI.

The calculating couple charged with bribery and false statements in connection with RTA contracts.

According to court filings, Faisal Alatrash is an RTA employee and project superintendent/construction manager. His wife, Gada Alatrash, reportedly operates a business, L&J Cleaning in Westlake.

Faisal arranged for his wife to get RTA contracts but never revealed to the transit agency that she was his wife, a direct violation of RTA and state ethics codes.

Alatrash's company would clean trailers for contractors at various RTA work sites, the wife submitting invoices to be paid, and the money coming from RTA contract expenses.

Faisal also allegedly convinced several area contractors to submit inflated bids for work and he would in turn receive financial kickbacks.

According to the RTA, Alatrash has been suspended without pay. He has been employed by RTA since August 1990. His current annual salary is $66,107.

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