Skin Care

With the cold weather and dry heat, now is the time to pamper your skin. Avoiding hot water is a great start. Also a quality skin care procedure can greatly improve your skins level of hydration. This will help keep your skin from flaking, peeling, and itching. Also protect your skin when outdoors. The blowing cold can also be detrimental to your skin. So just like the summers months, protect your skin.

For more information take advantage of our complimentary skin care consultations the month of December, 2002.

Body Treatments

Call our office to schedule a relaxing peppermint body wrap. Laura Spencer can help you relax and feel refreshed. Also add a custom facial to complete your spa treatment.

Spring Facial

Now is the time to prepare your skin for summer. Combining in office facials and chemical peels, with a custom home skin care program with prepare, correct, and protect your skin for the comming sun. Laura, our liscenced Aethetician, will work closely with you, follow you, and counsel you to achieve better looking skin.

Laser Lite

Announcing the lastest addition to are skin care services, the DioLite 532 laser. This remarkable laser can eliminate spider veins and pigmented lesion. The treatment is performed in-office and has minimal discomfort and no down time. Come in and see for yourself. Laura, our medical esthetician can also help with aged and tired looking skin. Add to your custom facial with a relaxing body wrap, and your day will be complete. Call for a brochure on our Systeme Biogene Skin Care program.


Many struggle with acne from the time of adolescences. However, adult acne can be just as troubling. Treatment for acne is a life style change, including good skin care. Quality cleansers and toners are a must. The addition of an astringent, suchs as Cleocin, Differin, Azalex, to name a few, may also be necessary. Oral antibiotics are required for severe cases or in the most extreme situations, Accutane. Many women experience a worsening of acne with their cycle, or related to pregnancy.

A well designed skin care program, many times with the addition of a cleansing facial and Microdermabrasion can produce dramatic improvements.

Lets us help you look your best, with clear skin.

New Face.......

Welcome our new aesthetician, Laura Spencer. She has several years of experience in skin care, waxing, and body treatments. Watch us grow with the addition of new services and special offers.

Retin A

In clinical studies, Retin A is one of the few products that has been shown to improve aging and damaged skin. Retinoic acid, Retin A, helps improve the make up of skin by stimulating healthy cells, improving blood supply to skin, and aiding in control of pigmentation. Combined with a personal regimen, your skin can look great.

Ask how a custom program can give you that healthy glow again.

Dry Skin...Long Winter

Quick tips to avoid dry itchy skin this winter.

First do not take long hot showers. This is the quickest way to dry your skin, especially in the winter. It is made worse by the dry artificial air from central heating.

Second, use skin hydrating products. Some require simple moisturizers, others may need topical steroid creams if severe.

I also feel that products with fragrances and many of preservatives irritate skin, for some a great deal.

More skin care...

There are more products available today then every before, all claiming to be the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, no such single potion truly exits. There is hope, however. With a thoughtfully designed program, the effects of acne, aging, and the sun can be address very effectively. Skin health can be achieved.

There are some basic principles that need to applied. First appropriate cleansing and toning of your skin. Oily skin and dry skin require different care. After cleaning, your skin needs to be exfoliated to remove the outer dead cells. Many individuals also require a bleaching agent. The next step is to stimulate blood flow and collagen orginazation. This is perhaps the most important. Many patients benefit from products such as Vit C or Retin A. Finally, sun protection. The effects of sun exposure, as well as tanning beds, can be devasting to skin….increasing the risk of skin cancer and accelerating the aged appearance.

Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center can customize a program just for you. Call today for more information on our Systeme Biogene Skin Care.