Common Questions & Answers

Q. What is the cost of thigh and waist lyposuction?
A.  Liposuction fees begin at $1800 per site. The fees can vary depending on each patients needs.
 - Answered on 12/2/02 by Dr. Carp

Q.  Breast implant cost?
A.  Breast augmentation fees are about $4800, this includes implants, OR, anesthesia, and surgeons fees.
 - Answered on 11/28/02 by Dr. Carp
  I am planning to have liposuction of the inner and outer thighs, hips, lower and upper abdoman with probally a tummy tuck, love handels and those back rolls. About how much do you think this will cost to have done at the same time? I only can spend about 10,000 maybe a tad bit more.
A.  In my practice you should be able to treat the areas you stated for less than that amount.
 - Answered on 11/28/02 by Dr. Carp

Q.  I have some facial fine lines and loss of elasticity; will laser resurfacing tighten my skin?
Can the laser be used in other areas as well, to firm the skin?
A.  In general yes. There are many ways to address skin quality, from chemical peels to laser treatments.
 - Answered on 11/22/02 by Dr. Carp

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