Rapist sent to prison after admitting repeated attacks

CLEVELAND - A rapist admitted that he attacked again and again, and so a judge made sure that he would pay a hefty price, Action News' Ed Gallek reported.

Keith McCoy confessed to terrorizing women in Cleveland's near east side Asian community. On Thursday, he gave a judge a quick glimpse into his mind -- the mind of a man who repeatedly raped and robbed women, most of whom were unable to speak English.

"I had a problem," McCoy said. "I still have a problem and I need help with the problem.

"I'm the one that went down there and told them what I did, and while I was at it, I did that one and that one and that one too."

Investigators said that McCoy (pictured, above) had already done time for sexual battery, got out and then started attacking five days later.

An audio recording of a 911 call from his last attack, which was against the wife of a police officer, was played in the courtroom.

"He come and run and he wanted to grab me," the victim could be heard telling the 911 operator.

"He really didn't hurt her physically," the victim's husband told the operator. "But my wife now, actually, she's an emotional wreck."

A crowd gathered to see Judge William Coyne hand down a 30-year jail sentence for McCoy.

"I do believe in God, and I believe God can help me," the rapist said.

Before he was sentenced, McCoy even pleaded guilty to another rape on top of all of the others that he'd already been charged with.