Editorial: Political Arrogance

(WOIO) - The brazen arrogance of Cuyahoga County's top elected officials - the ones facing indictment in the current corruption scandal and those who continue to support the ones facing indictment - is absolutely stunning to behold.

At the top of this shameful list and showing utter contempt for the citizens who elected him is County Commissioner and County Democratic Party Leader Jimmy Dimora. Dimora, who has a federal bull's eye on the back of his generous frame, has steadfastly refused to resign his position as County Commissioner or his job as democratic party boss. He tossed his critics -which include the governor - a small bone this week by agreeing to take a leave of absence from his party post. But he's not resigning that job or his commissioners position where he routinely votes on funding measures - county contracts - which are at the heart of the corruption probe.

And, in a collective display of political cowardice, not one democratic party leader in the county has had the guts or the character to publicly call on Dimora to step down. The message by all these guys is loud and clear, "We'll do whatever benefits us and maybe we'll get away with it."