Pay Up!: Prisoner Wants $1-Million After Perry Township Police Chief "Endangered His Life"


Posted by Cassie Nist - email

PERRY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - A prisoner riding in the back seat of a police cruiser says his life was in danger because the driver, Perry Township Police Chief Timothy Escola, wasn't paying attention to the road.

Last month, Chief Escola and Junior Police Officer Janine England were caught on tape having sexy time while transporting a prisoner from Cincinnati, Ohio to Perry Township.

The prisoner, Matthew Ruble, tells 19 Action News " I just thought to myself it's not right, it's inappropriate."

Ruble lives near Cincinnati, Ohio but was a burglary suspect in Perry Township, Ohio.

Ruble says at the time of the Perry Township burglary he was hundreds of miles away at his job near Cincinnatti and has the time sheets and co- workers accounts as proof. Ruble was innocent and later released from jail.

Now, Chief Escola has resigned from his position and Ruble says his life was in danger because Escola wasn't paying attention to the road while he was driving.

"He kept taking his eyes off the road and I kept hearing that thump, thump, thump" said Ruble.

Ruble is suing for $1-million-dollars and said "our law system is to serve, protect and show the right path, not to do the wrong thing."

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