Time's Up: Feds Finger Former Construction Exec; Noose Tightens Around Other Key Players

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Yet another key player in the sweeping Cuyahoga County Corruption probe has been slapped with federal charges.

A Federal Court has filed information on a former DAS Construction executive, Steve Pumper, for conspiracy to commit bribery in connection to the Cuyahoga County corruption probe.

The heat has been turned up on two important elected officials. They are not referred to by name but it is clear who they are - public official #1 is Jimmy Dimora and public official #4 is Judge Bridget McCafferty. Most noteworthy is the allegation that Dimora took cash from Steve Pumper.

Pumper paid for an irrigation system at Dimora's house worth $1,793, a roof over an area at Dimora's pool worth $31,977, a cover over a grill area, a patio floor and roof which adds up to another $27,225. There are meals and much more but the aforementioned items are the key elements.

The payback for Pumper's company - county contracts. A $24,842 consulting contract on Courthouse Square renovation. Loans of up to $2M for the Parkview Apartments project. The loan was extended for 3 years, there are other projects as well.

Kick in another $33,000 in cash. Those payments were made in $2,000 and $5,000 increments.

So how did the Feds unearth all this? The document fingers Pumper as the source. What's more, Pumper tried to warn targets of the investigation so Dimora made small payments after federal agents raided his house last summer to make it look like he paid for the work.

Steven Pumper Statement

"I accept full and sole responsibility for my actions, and I apologize to my business associates and former employees, to my friends, and most especially to the members of my family for the pain and embarrassment I have caused them. I am truly and deeply sorry for having disappointed them and for subjecting them to unwarranted scrutiny and suspicion."

"I cannot change the things that I've done or undo the mistakes I've made, but I'm willing to accept personal accountability for those actions and to accept the consequences."

"I hope that those who have known me all these years will accept my apology and find it in their hearts to forgive me."

DAS Construction Statement 

"We just learned some new information regarding a former employee and want to clarify D-A-S's position on this matter and emphasize some important points.  The corporate statement is attached.

The government has advised that D-A-S Construction Co. is not a target of the investigation.  We have cooperated completely with any information needed from the company.

Any decisions made by an individual that were contrary to good corporate ethics were made by the individual without the approval of the company or board.

Like everyone here I, was disheartened and deeply concerned that the company's name could be associated with anything besides excellent work.

I am proud to lead D-A-S, a company that has conducted good work in Northeast Ohio for more than 23 years and is an important employer, corporate citizen, innovator and key advocate for regional "green" initiatives. "

Public official #4 is believed to be Judge Bridget McCafferty. The dates of a case she heard involving DAS match dates in this document. It claims Dimora used his influence with her to get a favorable resolution of the case.

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