Online Reporting Debuts on Cleveland Police Website

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An online reporting link debuted this week on the Cleveland Division of Police website giving citizens the ability to report incidents to police at their convenience. Visitors to the Cleveland Police website can now report minor incidents such as lost property, damage to property and petty theft, with a few keystrokes.

By clicking "Online Police Reporting" on the left side of the Cleveland Police website, visitors are walked through a simple to understand and easy to use report submission system. Visitors simply fill in the requested information and then record a temporary report number. After the report is reviewed by a police supervisor the report with a permanent report number is e-mailed back to the citizen for their records.

"The benefits of this new reporting system are two-fold," said Chief of Police Michael McGrath. "The public now has the ability to report incidents at a time and in a fashion that will be convenient for them and we will be able to dedicate our patrol cars to handle priority assignments."

Director of Public Safety Martin Flask agreed adding, "The implementation of online reporting is part of our overall goal to reduce calls for police service. Combined with recently enacted nuisance abatement legislation and a focus on eliminating police responses to false alarm calls, we expect online reporting to help improve the efficiency of the Division of Police."

The system will eliminate the need for a zone car response to minor and "no-suspect" calls while still recording the incident and collecting reportable data for additional investigation, statistical analysis and mandatory reporting requirements.

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