Firefighter busted again for driving drunk

MOGADORE, Ohio – In an Action News exclusive, The Investigator, Tom Meyer, reported that a local firefighter is facing serious heat after being accused of drunken driving for the third time.

Valerie McQuain, of Mogadore, blames 10-year Shaker Heights Fire Department veteran David Trommer for changing her life dramatically in the blink of an eye. Police said that Trommer was driving drunk when his Ford Explorer plowed into McQuain's car.

"It was the hardest hit I've ever received in my life," McQuain said. "You can't behave this way. There are consequences."

The active and athletic woman said that she suffered dearly. She needed neck surgery, had a ruptured disc and wasn't able to work for three months.

Police said that a breath-analyzing machine that Trommer blew into registered a .275 -- nearly three times the legal limit in Ohio.

"I've been totally dependent on others," McQuain said. "I used to be real active. I can't work. It's been horrible."

Trommer told Action News he had no idea that he had seriously injured someone. He apologized to his victim and said that he expects to spend time in jail.

It was the third time that the Shaker Heights firefighter was caught driving drunk in the past six years. He was suspended in 1996 and 1999 after being convicted.

He'll go to court next month on his most recent drunken driving charge.

McQuain said that enough is enough.

"How many chances do you get at ruining peoples lives?" she said. "It wasn't just me in danger that day. He passed hundreds of other drivers before hitting me. In his profession, he's supposed to save lives, not put them in danger."

Trommer was suspended pending the outcome of his latest case. Even if he's convicted, there's no guarantee that he would go to jail.