Cleveland Men Wallop Would-Be Rapist Caught In the Act

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two men tossed in the clink for trying to rape a woman on the city's Eastside.

It happened just after 6PM Thursday on E. 26th between St. Clair & Superior.

41-year-old William Rogers and 43-year-old David Hennessey are both in police custody awaiting charges.

Police first thought the suspects were victims of a robbery at the Union Club on St. Clair.

But when they put Rogers into the cruiser and drove him up the street to identify the suspects, they discovered the real story.

Rogers is accused of grabbing a woman who was peeing in an alley on the east side of East 26th.

When he pulled her into the bushes and pulled her pants off, she yelled for help and her friends came running. At least several men beat up Rogers as they pulled him off of the victim. Roger's friend, Hennessey, was allegedly acting as the look-out during the rape attempt.

The victim was taken to Huron Hospital for treatment.

The men who beat up the rape suspect will not face any charges.

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