Like Father...: Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From the Tree As Daddy, Son Duo Go On Crime Spree

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland father and son just hit with a series of felony charges after an all in the family crime spree.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors tell 19 Action News Joseph Huber and his son, Austin Teter, terrorized city streets by robbing people with a knife, bare hands and even a hatchet. One of the victims is an elderly former Cleveland Councilman.

Prosecutors say the men robbed and carjacked a 16-year-old waiting for his mother outside a Cleveland drug store. Another time, they targeted and robbed a couple as they got out of their car. They then attacked the man with a hatchet.

The thugs also stand accused of muscling their way into the home of 87-year-old Theodore Sliwa and robbing him. Sliwa - a Councilman in the 70's - didn't want to talk about the thugs.

Reporter Ed Gallek has learned the father and son were just convicted for robbing a pizza delivery guy and forcing him to strip naked.

Now, they may be wearing prison jumpsuits for a long time.

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