Mr. Obama: President Talks Health Care Reform in Northeast Ohio

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(WOIO) - President Obama made another trip to Northeast Ohio on Thursday. On his agenda? Health care reform.

During a prime time news conference Wednesday night, the president said he wants a bipartisan health care reform bill passed by the August 7th recess.

The President began his day at the Cleveland Clinic - a facility he says represents the type of change Americans want to see. The President then traveled to Shaker Heights high school for a town hall meeting.

He said the Cleveland Clinic should be used as a model where doctors get paid on merit - not on how many tests and procedures they can charge your insurance.

Despite the President's touting, he did have a setback. It was announced there will likely be no vote in Congress until after its August recess. The President had hoped to put the issue to bed before the late summer recess.

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