On the Take: (Another) County Official Accused Of Offering Bribes To the Big Boys

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has learned that a U.S. District Federal Court has filed criminal information against Dennis Dooley.

Read the entire federal allegation HERE

The document alleges Dooley - an inspector in the Weights and Measures Division of the Auditor's Office - lined Kevin Kelley's pocket with $5K to help him get a better job with the county.

Sources say Dooley wanted a job at Probate Court and his conversations with Kelley were very specific.

At one point, Kelley said a $65,000 job would cost a cool $20,000. Dooley allegedly bartered back, and said he'd pay $15,000 but would need to pull in $76,000 a year. He paid the money to Kelley but never got the job.

The exchange allegedly occurred in January - the federal raids were in July - so that may have derailed the duo's underhanded plans.

So why would someone pay that much for a cushy county position? Because it was understood it was a ghost job - Dooley would only have to show up a few hours a week.

At one point Kelley warned Dooley that "There would be some projects involved." To which Dooley replied, "I don't mind a few projects."

The FBI served the county with more subpoenas Wednesday morning. They want to look at any records of the County Commissioners executive sessions. [Read the Feds request HERE]

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