Editorial Reply: Brendan Corrigan

(WOIO) - I am Brendan Corrigan and I am responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on the closing of Saint Patrick's Church.

I am a third-generation member of Saint Patrick's Church. To see the church that I grew up in forced to close with no legitimate excuse is beyond me. In my opinion, Bishop Lennon had one agenda, and that agenda was his own. He made it seem as though he wanted the input of the Diocese, with the creation of the clustering committees, but in all honesty, it appears that his mind was set when he arrived.

What Bishop Lennon does not understand is that closing historical landmarks, like Saint Patrick's Church, only further ruins Cleveland - a city in need of a resurrection. How does our city look if visitors see a 161-year-old church that was once the center of the West Park area now just a boarded up eyesore on the corner of Puritas and Rocky River?

Bishop Lennon, I refuse to sit back and let my city and my heritage be destroyed by a man who knows nothing about the history of this great city. Save Saint Patrick's and Save Cleveland.

Thank You.