Editorial: The County Board Tries To Confuse

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The three members of the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners have made it clear - they intend to hang on to their powerful political positions despite any and all attempts to dislodge them. Faced with a ballot proposal that would eliminate the board and replace it with an executive form of county government, the board voted last week to place a competing measure on the same November ballot. Only the board's proposal calls for voters to elect a panel that would "study" the possible reform of county government. Get it? Study reform - not actually enact it.

The board's proposal is a naked attempt to confuse voters who will be faced with interpreting both measures come election day. Confuse them so as to sabotage any reform plan that might dynamite these political hangers-on out of their cushy jobs. But what else should we expect?

The board's management of the Medical Mart has been an embarrassment, their decision to buy the Ameritrust Building a disaster. They vote in secret on proposals to spend our money and their most prominent member is looking down the barrel of a federal indictment - these guys think they can get away with anything. Let's prove them wrong this November.