Now What?: Family Dog Tasered by Lakewood Cops Remains At Animal Shelter

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LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A family dog tasered by Lakewood police will remain at an Animal Shelter until his owner's early August court appearance.

Two women heard Otis the dog barking Saturday morning around 8:30AM and looked out their apartment window only to see the pup surrounded by several police officers.

The officers tasered Otis "like he was a grizzly bear," says witness Christina MacDonald.

MacDonald also said that "the dog was backing up defensively, as if he was saying stay away from me. He wasn't being aggressive in any way."

Otis' owner, Daniel Kier, claims his dog is "a Boxer, not a Pit Bull." The animal warden agrees with local authorities and claims the dog looks as though he has Pit Bull in its blood.

Lakewood Police issued a press release that stated the dog was aggressive towards the officers and stand behind the decision to taser the dog.

According to Captain Gary Stone, the officer "observed an aggressive pit bull on the sidewalk, it charged at the officer and then stopped five feet away. The officer was then able to deploy his taser which incapacitated the animal."

Kier was cited for having a dangerous and vicious animal and for letting Otis run loose. He's scheduled to appear in court on August 4th at 9AM.

Otis will remain at the shelter until that time.

However, there is a vicious dog hearing for Otis at Lakewood Municipal Court at 3PM tomorrow afternoon. Pit Bulls are banned in the City of Lakewood.

People across the country have been sounding off about this story.  Many are doing so with an online petition.

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