Akron Mayor Announces City Layoffs

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic announced on Wednesday additional steps in the continuing effort to balance the operating budget of the City of Akron in 2009.

The City must cut expenses to fill a projected budget deficit of approximately $12 million before year's end, due to decreasing revenue from income taxes, property taxes, investments, and state tax-sharing formulas that are affecting every city in Ohio.

In a letter to all city employees, the mayor thanked workers for their cooperation, and singled-out the city's 70 managers for their efforts to cut costs and still provide necessary services. Plusquellic expressed appreciation to employees in the public service departments, who have experienced disproportionate reductions in personnel in recent years (with as many as 1,000 positions vacated through attrition since the 1980's.)

Akron has gone from a high of 3,100 employees to its present force of 2,150 today. Akron's safety forces - police and fire - have not experienced any reduction in the number of active duty officers on the streets.

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