Authorities track down, arrest alleged child molester

CLEVELAND - Authorities said they believe that the search for a man who abducted and molested two Cleveland teen-agers is over, Action News' Denise Strzelczyk reported.

The Cleveland Police Department said that the alleged armed kidnapper was arrested by U.S. marshals late Monday night in Toledo. Anthony Taylor, 21, was at a family friend's house when a tip was called in, helping authorities track him down.

Still, what he allegedly did over the weekend should serve as a warning for parents on how easy it is for someone to lure young children away.

Taylor is the man who is thought to have used a gun to kidnap two teen-age boys, hold them at gunpoint for hours and sexually assault them.

It all started early Saturday afternoon at a corner store on East 65th Street in Cleveland.

The suspect offered $50 to the boys to shovel his driveway. They agreed and followed the man on foot. That's when he pulled out a gun and ordered the boys to cooperate. After walking a few miles to the intersection of Woodhill Road and Mount Auburn Avenue, the man took the boys into an abandoned house and sexually assaulted them.

Eight hours had passed when the gunman left by hopping on the No. 10 RTA bus on Buckeye Road.

Police didn't have much to go on, but they were able to come up with a pretty detailed description of the suspect. He was described as a black male in his early 20s, standing approximately 5' 11" and weighing 175 lbs. He was said to have a medium-to-dark complexion with his hair in two braids underneath a black do-rag underneath a brown Fidora hat with a feather. He reportedly was also wearing a short, waist-length fur coat and was carrying a cane.

There's no word yet on if Taylor fits the profile created in the description above.

The two boys were checked out at a local hospital. Physically, they should be OK, but the incident could cause emotional scars.