Bear Witness: Black Bear Spotted Lumbering Around Streetsboro

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STREETSBORO, OH (WOIO) - A 19 Action News Animal Alert in Portage County.

Over the past three nights, a bear has been spotted in various areas of Streetsboro. On two of those nights, Streetsboro Police responded and verified the presence of the bear.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Animal Control have been notified. The police department is urging residents to do the following:

- If they spot the bear, please do not approach it and leave it alone. Call the police so that we can keep track of the bear's location.

- Keep all trash cans put away and all dumpster lids closed. The bear is just looking for food and when the food goes away, he will move on.

- Do not attempt to shoot or harm the bear in any way.

The bear will most likely move on over time however, if it continues to be a problem, it can be trapped by ODNR.

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