Drop It!: Officer Shoots, Kills Man Brandishing Sawed-Off Shotgun

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STOW, OH (WOIO) - A 21-year-old man has died after a police officer shot and killed him early Saturday morning during a domestic disturbance call.

Stow Police responded to a home disturbance just before 4AM on Northview Drive.

Upon arrival, the officer heard a commotion inside the house and entered through a broken glass door.  Once inside, the officer moved toward the noise and saw two men on the floor of the dining room struggling over a sawed-off 20-gauge shotgun.

The Police officer ordered them numerous times to drop the gun.  One male, the 56-year-old homeowner, let go of the weapon.  The suspect, 21-year-old John Rose, rolled on the floor and moved the weapon and pointed it toward the officer as he was giving additional commands to drop the firearm.  When the weapon pointed toward the officer, he fired three rounds with his Glock .45 service firearm into John Rose striking him in the chest and abdomen.

EMS rushed Rose to Akron City Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 4:46AM.

The homeowner says Rose came to the house with the shotgun, broke out the rear window of a door and attempted to strike him with a baseball bat. The victim retreated into the interior of the house while the homeowner's wife called 911 and said "we're scared."

Rose entered through the back door and demanded to see the victim's daughter and then made threats to kill the victim.  The victim's wife, 19-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son were home at the time.

Rose's car was found parked about a block away. Footprints were found in the dew from the area walking through the backyards to the rear of the Northview residence.

Neighbor Bernie Biskner says he knew Rose and that "he seemed okay, but you never know."

Neighbors also tell 19 Action News that this was a case of a bad break up between the suspect and homeowner's daughter.

The Summit County Medical Examiner has taken custody of the body and an autopsy will be performed.

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