Exclusive: Hole in Prison Fence Sparks Internal Investigation

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Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - A hole in a prison fence is now at the heart of an internal investigation.

A state prison guard was arrested after pulling a gun on undercover Cleveland police officers who were called to assist the prison guard in checking a hole in prison's fence.

Now, 9-1-1 audio tapes are revealing what really happened.

Cleveland police arrived and started looking around the prison's fence hole when prison guard Martin Robinson pulled his gun.

The Cleveland Police union is now calling for charges against Martin Robinson while state prison officials say that Robinson was just "doing his job and was in a clearly marked state vehicle."

Martin Robinson also wants justice. While the undercover Cleveland police officers were arresting him, Robinson shouted out "call 19 Action News, they can't do this! They beat the ___ out of me...call 19 Action News"

Internal Affairs investigators are now reviewing the incident.

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