Heated Hate: Gunman Who Fired 50 Bullets in PA Gym Had "Hatred of Women"

George Sodini - Photo from www.MeetIn.org
George Sodini - Photo from www.MeetIn.org

UPDATE:  BRIDGEVILLE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A gunman silently walked into LA Fitness gym outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, turned off the lights and fired 50 rounds, killing three women before killing himself Tuesday evening, police said.

The man was carrying a gym bag with a note inside it. He was found dead in the aerobics room of the gym, lying on top of one of his guns about seven feet away from one of the victims, said Charles Moffatt, Allegheny County police superintendent,

At least 10 others were injured in a barrage of bullets that sent people in the gym ducking for cover, Moffatt said.

He would not release the name of the suspect during an early Wednesday morning news conference. But a law enforcement source told CNN that the gunman had been identified as George Sodini, a 48-year-old member of the gym.

Sodini worked as a systems analyst in the finance department of K&L Gates, a law firm with an office in Pittsburgh, said Mike Rick, a spokesman for the firm. Sodini had worked for the firm since 1999, Rick said.

Neighbors described Sodini as a bit of a recluse who had stopped talking to them in the past few years.

The gunman was apparently on a mission, Moffatt said.

"He did what he set out to do, and I think nobody could have stopped him," he said.

Moffatt would not confirm a local newspaper report that the gunman's ex-girlfriend was wounded in the shooting.

He also did not say what was written on the note that was found in the gunman's gym bag.

The law enforcement source, however, said that in the note, the gunman "talks about his hatred of women."

The shooter entered the fitness center around 8 p.m. and went straight to an aerobics class, where he started shooting, Moffatt said. The gunman said nothing before firing with multiple handguns, he said.

Police have recovered six handguns, the source said. Four of them were purchased prior to 2000, and the other two were bought last year.

The shooting victims were taken to the three major hospitals in the area.

A spokeswoman for Mercy Hospital confirmed that five female shooting victims arrived at the facility with multiple gunshot wounds. "All arrived in critical condition," said Linda Ross. "Three of them were upgraded to serious condition overnight."

Allegheny General Hospital received two wounded patients at its trauma center, a spokesman said. Both victims are women and were listed in fair condition early Wednesday.

A St. Clair Hospital spokesman said three shooting victims arrived there Tuesday night; two were in stable condition and one patient, who was shot in the chest, died about 8:55 p.m. ET.

Sodini left behind an online diary that details his loneliness and longing for a female companion -- and his growing rage at what he perceived as rejection by women. The diary lists Sodini's dates of birth and death, with the death date listed as Tuesday, the same day as the shootings.

The source who identified Sodini provided a month and year of birth that matches the birth date listed on Sodini's diary.

The Web site on which the diary appears is registered to George Sodini of Pittsburgh. It lists an address in or near Scott Township; the law-enforcement source said Sodini lived in Scott Township.

Perry Calabro of nearby Bridgeville told CNN he was between racquetball games at the gym when he suddenly heard screaming and multiple gunshots. He said he ran out but didn't see the gunman or others.

Mary Primis, 26, an aerobics instructor who is pregnant, was shot once. "I remember thinking I wanted to hold my breath because I was afraid, if he saw that I was breathing, he would shoot again," she told CNN affiliate WPXI from her hospital bed. Asked if she thought she was going to die, she said, "I wasn't sure."

Other witnesses told CNN affiliate WTAE that the lights went out before they saw flashes in dark -- what they later realized was gunfire.

         --CNN Correspondent Susan Candiotti contributed to this report.

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