Editorial: More Extortion By North Korea

(WOIO) - Two American journalists falsely imprisoned by the rogue regime in North Korea were freed this week after former President Bill Clinton was dispatched to bow and scrape before Dictator Kim Jong Il. The North Koreans said the women were released after Clinton offered Kim words of sincere apology for the women's transgressions. The women had strayed too close to the North Korean border and were snatched in March and kept by Kim for this precise bargaining chip moment.

The women's families and everyone else for that matter can feel relief that they have escaped North Korea's notorious prison farms but make no mistake, by soliciting for their release at the highest government level, the U.S. has once again been victimized by North Korea's long-running policy of international blackmail and extortion.

The North Korean regime has survived for years by starting or stopping its nuclear arms program depending on the size of American aid packages. They have grown accustomed to being rewarded for bad behavior and they will expect to get something out of this episode as well.

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